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What is Skeleton Code Machine?

Skeleton Code Machine is CRIT Award nominated weekly publication that explores tabletop game mechanisms in board games and roleplaying games.

Each week we might:

  • Explore a mechanism (e.g. dice placement) or concept (e.g. line of sight) and give some examples of how it is used in board games and/or roleplaying games.

  • Investigate probability and chance behind the dice.

  • Run a tiny simulation using a bit of Python. (But don’t worry, programming or stats knowledge are never required!)

  • Do a deep dive on a single game

The goal is to spark your creativity as a game designer or enthusiast, and perhaps think differently about how games work.

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Who’s behind all this?

Exeunt Press is an independent creator of tabletop games, including the ENNIE-nominated Exclusion Zone Botanist, Eleventh Beast, and You Are A Muffin.

You can find me at:

Skeleton Code Machine is a publication of Exeunt Press.

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Spark your creativity as a tabletop game designer or enthusiast, and think differently about how games work.


Exeunt Press is an indie game creator/publisher, exploring the intersection between the storytelling of roleplaying games and the structured mechanisms of board games.