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Very nice write up! The one thing that jumped out at me was the picture of the eye in your sample palette images. That blue was stunning in the photograph, but it doesn’t show up in the palette! I wonder if Color Thief might have missed more accent colors like that in your run of covers, leading to the noted skew toward darker colors.

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That's a super nice newsletter. I need to do some digging into colorblind-friendly palettes and see how I can use them for the games I publish. I did a few low contrast covers that might not be ideal.

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Wonderful article! I'm a scientist loving to explore layout and design for my research communications (slide decks, posters, articles). It's always good practice to have colorblind-friendly design in mind. Thanks for the link to Color Brewer, I'll add it to my list of resources!

Personally, I'm amazed how well the "megapalette palette" turned out, and the image for your sorted megapalette looks beautiful! I was wondering what sorting criteria you used, because it was not what I expected. I'll have to read up on the color sorting problem.

Thanks for your code snippet btw, I'm currently reading through the documentation for Pillow to create the image including color palette.

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