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Very nice explanation! I played this recently, and we found the challenges to be quite easy. In fact, between the two players, only 1 out of 17 challenges faced was failed. However, I will say that neither myself not my opponent was really playing for the story. We were choosing challenges based on what we could win, not on how it would develop our characters. Playing this way, it's easy to stay "in the green" on your probability chart and race straight to the finish, but that's probably not be the type of play (or player) this game was designed for.

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Agree. I think it really depends on the mood of the players and how they want to play the game. There's nothing wrong with playing it as a straight competitive game, and I think it still holds up as such. For it to shine, however, it's best to enjoy the character story as it develops.

I was surprised to see how the challenges really are either pass or fail with such a sharp divide in probability!

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