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I love push your luck as a mechanic, especially when it is incorporated really well as part of a game and not the sole focus. Can't Stop is fun, but only for so long. :D

Currently, I'm playing through Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood and the combat in that game has a fun push your luck element to it. You draw cards from four different colored decks (white, yellow, red and black). You can only draw cards from the yellow, red and black decks if you have weapons with those associated colors. And those decks get progressively "better" with black being the stronger (higher numbers). You are always allowed to draw as many cards from the white deck as you wish, but if you draw two blanks your entire attack misses. There are also various tokens your characters can collect to redraw, reshuffle, and upgrade draws. It feels like players have quite a bit of agency in deciding how "big" of an attack to make while knowing that the more damage you try for, the more likely you are to miss.

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Everything I hear about Oathsworn makes me want to try it!

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